Our Host and Guest Speakers

Mitch Strong
Briana Kouma
Juanita Johnson
Daniel A. Esch

Mitch Strong is the Neighborhood Revitalization and Outreach Coordinating Manager at Habitat for Humanity Omaha. His job is to lead the outreach with not only Habitat homeowners, but also with non-habitat homeowners, local leaders, organizations, and politicians. His area includes Sarpy, Washington, Burt, Cass, as well as Douglas.

Briana, handles the initial application intake and correspondence with clients. She holds a Bachelors in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her passion for the environment and energy efficiency led her to helping create this Pilot Solar Program and leading the Habitat Green Team.

Councilmember Juanita Johnson was elected to the City Council in 2021, serving as the representative for District 2. Juanita understands North Omaha’s rich history and potential, and believes now is the time for change. Increasing access to good jobs, addressing educational gaps, and tackling health disparities are just a few of the issues she is passionate about. Juanita has a record of taking issues to local leaders and officials in the community and private sector. 

Daniel A. Esch assumed office in 2015.  He is responsible for maintaing the Douglas County financial accounting records, audits all payments made by Douglas County he and his team provide services to the county board, county departments and the general public in the areas of record keeping, land invenotry, and sales, liciening, elections, and cenral supply.  

Solar Engery

Power Panels

  • Why would someone want solar panels?
  • What is the difference between grid-tied and off-grid solar?
  • What are the components that make up a solar energy system?
  • How long will my system last?
  • Will solar panels reduce my electricity bill?
  • Are there tax rebates to owning solar panels?
  • Do you need a permit to install solar panels?
  • Do you lease or buy solar panels?

Nebraska Property Assessment

  • Why do we pay property Tax?
  • What property is taxable in Nebraska?
  • Who is responsible for valuation or assessment of property?
  • How are properties valued?
  • What is the assessment process?
  • When are real property valuation change notices sent, and where do I protest my real property value?
  • What is a homestead exemption?

Group Discussion

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